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  • Sorry for the late reply. Went with Lectron 38mm and like it pretty well. Works well with the porting I had done and after trying a different metering rod suggested by Lectron it is running well. Will see how well it compensates for altitude at Virginia city this weekend. Running #334 this year and hope to see you out there. You finished a bit ahead of me last year.
    Curious about you experience with APT carb. Did you go from a 36mm pwk or a 38mm. I ride a Husaberg 300 that is stock with the 36mm and from forum posts I think they suggest going size for size when upgrading to retain bottom end. I wondered what your thoughts were. I ride some races and free-rides at speed but a lot of technical rocky hillsides and trails in Southern Caligfornia desert area. I appreciate any info or thoughts you may have.
    I'm likely to eventually end up in Sedona in a few years. Might buy a place anytime. Have you found good riding in Arizona. Currently I'm in Missouri. Road enduros for 35 years and like single track. I also really like Colorado. Thanks for the time. Charlie Eller
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