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  • hello fred

    i do have a 300 for sale but it isnt listed. what it is is a 300 six days 2011. i think it has right at 60 hours on it but i will have to verify that. i installed a hour meter from day one so i can get u correct hours. i also have an extra rear wheel and a partial front wheel, ( long story lol ).

    it has the rekluse core exp clutch with the drive plates and friction disks set up to use honda plates and it also has the rekluse clutch basket.

    its an awesome bike an dlike i was saying in the thread earlier im not real happy with this KTM and i may regret selling my gasgas.

    i dont know a proce yet, but we can figure out something fair if your interested. my cell is 580-736-1200 bryan mccormack
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