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  • Hey Jim! Buying a 2nd gas gas. 2024
    Reiju 300 six days. Bought a 2002
    300 from you. Alan Golightly
    Hello Jim, I was reading the thread and I am having an issue getting the manual for the 2004 fse gasgas. Can you let me know how I can get a copy. I actually own one of the Walt Disney World Stunt shows original gasgas bikes and I cant seem to find a good manual.
    Thank you
    Hi there,
    I've seen somewhere your generous offer for Gasser EC300 Workshop Manual..and would be happy to get it if your offer is still valid. Mine is 2012, have never owned 2T before, so you can imagine all those hesitations. Any advice would be welcome too.

    Hope this won't bother you too much. Good Riding!
    Hey Jim,
    This is Mike Osborne. I was your sales rep for Gas Gas when Juan was the boss. Hope you are doing well. I still have a 2003 eco300. I am Mudshark on this forum. Good to see your still around.
    Thanks for letting me know. Reggie asked me today if I had paid for it yet, but I told him that you hadn't contacted me yet.
    Just let me know when, where, and how much I need to send.

    Good Riding!
    Hi went to an event sunday i didnt plan to go to. Am a little busy this week but 1st chance I get I will get it ready to send
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