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  • Hi rosco, may I please ask you a few questions? I?m installing a EE855002513 kit, but on my 2011 EC300. Perhaps you can help me with the following:

    - Is there no Relays/Solenoid holder in the kit? Not included. Should I hold it only with a Zip-Tie?

    - I'm stuck with the electrical wiring harness. Is there any Inst. Guide/Manual? I can?t find one. Do I have to remove part of my actual harness and replace it with the new one? Do I have to connect it also to the Kokusan Magnetic Ignition Comp.? My harness, that came with the kit, has the P/N EE10000053012.

    - Where can I install the Rectifier/Regulator to the chassis? Cant?t find a suitable spot.

    - If there is no inst. manual, do you have a Electrical Schematics which includes the E-Starter? I found one, but resolution is VERY poor and hardly readable. I'm involved with electronics, therefore it will be no problem to "read" and understand it.

    Thanks for your possible help and best regards from Chile,
    hey roscoe do you still have a db snorkel for sale
    if so id love to buy it!

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