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  • Hi Stainless. I bought a Excel rear wheel from U a while back and it has a couple bad spokes and one missing that I am finally getting around to fixing. I just got off the phone with an employee at Buchanan spokes and was told to send in some of the spokes and they would make some up. I told her it's an Excel rim with a AJP hub and that others had ordered thru them without having to send spokes in. Do U by chance have the year and model/make bike they're off of? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. This is my first crack at rims and spokes. Thanks for your time. Bob.
    I would like to buy the 2k-3 ignition+fly wheel w/nut, if still available.

    Thanks, Dave 970-376-1301
    Aloha Stainlesscycle.Ive been reading your no idle thread on your 200.Very interesting.Not happy with my current 38.Ive been thinking my bike would do better in trails with a 36.I noticed you changed your engne to a 300?If you still have 36pwk would you consider sellin it to me?Just a thought,Thanks for your time,Brant-
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