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  • Hi Stoby ,
    Say an old thread that you posted about ec125 piston kits.

    I f i understand this right , i use the letter on the cylinder , if the cylinder is in good shape?

    Do you have any kits available ?

    jimmy da fish
    pittsburgh pa
    I have a pipe from a 03 SE300 and one from an 04DE300 and both need work but they can be fixed. Neither has been fixed or welded previously. If you are interested send me your email so I can send you some photos. I would take $70 plus shipping for the pair.

    Hi Jim sorry its jst been a little busy been evicting my tenant who ruined my house and took me to court now i'm hurrying to get it ready to rent again.Putting a roof on my house today and tomorrow, LIFE you know how it goes.i'll try like heck to get at it this weekend. i'm sure I have a seat and a stock tank I have no Idea what theyre worth same with the shock???????
    Hi Chris,
    Reggie wanted me to ask how the frame shipping is coming. He also wanted to see if you might have a seat for sale for the frame, and if you might want to sell the tank. If so, how much?

    Take care, and Thanks,
    Jim Cook
    Hi Chris,
    Jim Cook here. Thank you for helping me help my friend.

    My address to send the frame is classified as residential by UPS. Please check shipping rates with both UPS and USPS to see which is better before shipping, if possible.

    The address is:
    Jim Cook
    612 East 10th St
    Smackover, AR 71762

    Thanks again, and Good Riding!
    Stoby, you had a post where you sent your carb and head and you buddy's to RB and I wanted to do the same but was curious what mods he was able to do to your friends 200 carb. I have an 04 200 and when I checked the RB site he had carb mods listed for 250 and 300? any info you could share would be great, I just finished getting head and carb ready to ship but have not contacted Ron yet as I decided to do this Saturday late.
    Ron McClure
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