200 powervalve rattle?


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My 50 hour old 200 has started rattling rather alarmingly.
Its had a clean filter every ride, and never been drowned, and only started doing this recently.
I removed the l/h side pv cover while the engine was running and watched the pv axle rattle about with a few mm of play left and right.
Would I be correct to assume that this is the rattle I can hear?
Upon closer inspection the noise may from the clutch, when the clutch is pulled the the noise stops but a rattle can still be heard. Are the bigger bikes supposed to rattle a little bit? I read that a little pv slap is expected, but this is a idle this noise

Also the bike was smoking quite badly at a ride at higher elevations, although im thinking this was a dirty filter causing a rich mix
All the GG 2t's seem to rattle a bit from the power valve, including mine. If it is the power valve you should notice fluctuations in it with RPM changes. Mine would really rattle when lugged just before it came on the pipe. I think its just where its working. Made me worry pretty good, thought it was a piston skirt slapping or something. Look through the threads, lots of them on there about this.