300 Crank ?

You will pay through the nose for a new OEM crank, if you can find one. I would consider having your crank re-built, if possible.

I would try Hall's or Motocenter and see what the cost and lead time are.

Good luck!
Its an 09 engine that I want to redo since I have gear issue . This is going into my 18 before it blows up (the 18) hopefully. I was just hoping to find a wrench rabbit kit etc.
Just curious why you would not re-build the 2018 motor? Do you plan on changing the mounts on the 2018 frame to accommodate the 2009 motor?
Shite !

that ruins my plans . I didn't know the cases were different from 09 to now. I just want to do a quick swap so my bike isnt sidelined. I had no idea the cases had changed since the middle years. I thought they only changed 03-04ish
Someone may correct me, but I believe the frame/motor mount design has changed at least three times since 09. 10-11', 12'-17' (may be a change somewhere in this time period as well) and the newest design 18'-present (rieju).

I would start cross referencing parts and see what can be used from the '09 motor. You could use the 09 as a donor motor, which may help with costs and downtime for the rebuild on the '18.
A quick check of center case gasket part numbers should tell you if the mounts are in the same spots.