A must see movie, The fastest Indian


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This is an excellent movie (true story) even if you're not a gearhead. Anthony Hopkins plays Burt Munro, a fine example of an industrious New Zealander from Invercargill (There's a GasGas dealer in Invercargill!) Who modifies his 1920 Indian Scout (rated at about 43 MPH) to a Bonneville salt flats record holder at 183.586 MPH.

He did it in 1967 when he was a grandfather at 68 years old. He still holds the record for under 1,000 cc bikes and he built the machine himself in his small backyard workshop. He cast his own pistons and cylinders, made his own rods, sleeves and even made a DOHC cylinder head.

Even better is the story told on his trip to this point, its quite a journey to say the least. If you owe yourself a good story, see The Fastest Indian.

If you want to read a little about him check out http://www.indianmotorbikes.com/features/munro/munro.htm
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Definitely a must see movie! Rent/buy it on DVD because there is an interview with the real Burt Munro in the special features section. Great story!

By the way, I had a hard time finding it at the video store initially... it ended up in the "W" section. The full title is the "World's Fastest Indian".
I went out and bought it last night - was a bit hard to find. I watched the movie and then watched all the other material on the DVD. The additional material mentioned that the director, Roger Donaldson, first film was a documentary about Burt Munro made in the late 60s. I want to get a hold of that one! Sounds like it was the equivalent of "On any Sunday" for those in Australia and NZ at the time.

Roger Donaldson later went on to do 15 or so box office films, first notable one being "bounty".

I have to get that, I wanted to see it but missed it in the theater. The description reminds me of the segment on John Britton in "The Greatest Motorcycles ever made". Britton was also a New Zealander who home built a road racer to go head to head with the big boys.
Loved it...great movie.

I rented it and missed the Special Features. Jeff, I may need to borrow yours.

I have to fly to NYC next week. May make for a good flight movie (obvious hint here :) )
I watched it last night, what a great movie. Even my 7 yr old liked it. I'm surprised it didn't do better in the theater. You gotta love that guy, what an inspiration for staying on a bike when we get old. Kind of reminded me and my wife of my grandfather, who was technically very sharp and a bit of a dirty old man with a good sense of humor.:D
One of my top 10 favorites. Seen it many times and recommend it to all. Loaned my copy out many many times.

Never had a person say they didn't love it.
I don't buy many movies but am glad I got this one. Make sure you watch the extra stuff that comes on the DVD with the real Burt too. Seems a little rough after watching Anthony Hopkins but after a few minutes you can't help but like the guy. I think someone referred to him as the Genuine Article. No doubt about it.
Watched it a while back with the wife,, she was not interested in watching it at first but after a while she was really into it.. great movie.. I think its still on netflix