Adding another gasser to my stable


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Well the gas gas bug has gotten the best of me. I have been riding an 03 EC250 for the last year and have really had great luck with the bike. When I bought it I of course caught heck from the Pumpkin riders, about resale, and parts...... So I had told myself I was going to ride the 03 for this season and get a new 09 in the winter or spring, but I found a great deal on a lightly used 06 EC 250 out of state that I could not pass on. It is super clean with new chain, sprockets, tires and plastics. It also has the MC ignition, which I am a little unsure about. It will rev quicker, but hopefully it will still have the tractability of the 03. I plan on keeping the 03 for trailrides and laying out trial. What I really like about the bike is that all of my 03 protection pieces will transfer over to the 06. (I think). I believe the pipe is different and the front forks and triple clamps won't swap, but that's OK. I hear the Zoke's are sweet. After seeing the price of an 08, It seems like I can't go wrong with the 06 at less than half the price and it has a..... drum roll please ..............Street title. Can't wait to go pick it up on Sat. Wish me luck.
I just may have to ride it to work on Monday. Just kidding:D