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What would you consider to be the best mud tire ?
I'm doing a race in 3 weeks and they reckon it will be 5 laps of 20km of mud, so I better get the best if I can.
Any other hints or suggestions for serious mud battling

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The Kenda K-770 Southwick is a tall tire with deep knobs that get the job done when the ruts are deep. Great forward drive, but dry condition turns are a weak point.

Michelin's S12, particularly the 140/80-18, is excellent in mud and very good when things dry out.
What kind of mud is it? Is it hard clay mud? Or softer? Are there rocks in the mix that you have to worry about as well? How fast is the terrain?

The reason I ask the above questions is that I might go with a narrower tire on hard clay - a 130 width michelin s12 versus a 140. Also, if I can, I would run with lower tire pressure, but the speeds and rockiness of terrain will make me tend to stay higher on air pressure. (Add flat proof to ward off pinch flats - it lubricates the inside of the tube and helps in this regard). The lower tire pressure allows the tire to have a larger contact patch - it will fling mud better as the tire deflects coming off the contact patch. Michelins are really wonderful when you don't have to "air them up" for rocks....

If the tires "pack up" with mud - spin the rear tire a little when you can to clear it out and get as much speed as you can in straight sections to clear out the front tire...

Hi Kim,

I'm pretty sure I'm looking at doing the same race, my guess is there won't be to many rocks but there could/will be a lot of tree roots. Also the mud factor really will depend on the weather we have for the next few weeks. I'm not 100% on the soil type but its kind of a loamy/soft clay. It is very slippery in the wet.

I to am interested in the recommendations. I have been thinking of going with the Michelin S12 front and rear. I need new tyres anyway and its coming into winter down here in New Zealand.

For those that were at the ISDE (6-Day) in NZ in November this race is in the same area.
Yeah, it's the RUT 100 race. Based on the Blackwater race in the states (I think). I guess its likely that less than 10% will finish the race.
I'm also considering lowering my bike to allow me to lift it easier, not sure yet.

Any other suggestions:D
I'd like to quote the seven times world enduro champion Anders Eriksson from an interview where he was asked how he dealt with muddy and rutted tracks: He said: -"In short: ATTACK!". :D
Yeah I'm planning on doing the Rut100 as well, do you know if they will have on the day entry's?
I'm looking forward to it, I tend to do better in the mud then in the dry for some reason.
My biggest fear is it will only be the 4th ride I will have had on my new 2007-EC250, but hopefully I am used to it by then. Just the need decent tyres, it was used in the ISDE 6-day and has moose inserts and they make the tyres feel like they role around a lot, and the tyres are fairly worn also.
bergerhag- spend easter Monday attacking one hill, both up and down. We always have issues with this one hill and as you said ATTACK is the only way.

highspeedsteel - I run a moose in the front at present and find it good. Got a moose for the rear sitting in the workshop but think I might leave it of and just use the normal heavy duty inner tube, just in case I need to go to less pressure for traction.

I don't think there is an option for entry on the day, but ring sean or adele clark to confirm.

Gearing - at present I run 13-50 gearing, might go to 51 or 52 on the rear.

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you guys need to run a ching shin it is a 560-18 in tire and they are the best in mud also on the dry flat trails,i wouldnt ride with out on