Block (coolant) Heater.....anyone tried one??


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I finally have my bike running again after a summer of frustration. Turned out to be a plugged injector (see other post) Anyway, the weather is getting cold here (NY), and now my bike is getting hard to start. Has anyone ever put an in-line heater in the coolant hose? My bike runs awesome, but it can be a bear to cold start on days below 40 degrees. I have to put it in the heated portion of my garage for a couple of hours, and then it will come to life. I got thinking of an in-line coolant heater.......we use them in our tractors, 4-stroke snowmobiles, 4 wheelers, etc. Why not on a bike? I'm just wondering if anyone has ever tried this? Would love to see pics, etc. of where you ended up putting it, along with where you purchased it. Thanks!
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In NH guys who ride in the winter unload the bike and put it next to the exhaust pipe of the tow rig. Then run some of that aluminum dryer vent dryer stuff you get at he hardware store from the exhaust pipe to the bike motor. Some guys just put hte bike next to the pipe and let the exhaust blow on the motor. Throw a blanket over the bike if want to make an nice heated tent. get back in the truck change into your riding gear, yak with your buds for a bit ... fire up the bike and go for a ride.

We had a diesel lawnmower that we used for leaf pick up in the fall. it did not like to start on cold mornings. I used to put a blow dryer on it for 10 minutes with a blanket over it ... then I just started pointing it at the fuel lines/pump/injector area. heat up the fuel system and boom fired right up.

if you ride from home try pointing a blow dryer at your motor/carb/injector ... for 5 or ten minutes. if you have to drive to ride, your exhaust pipe and a little dryer ducting should do the trick
Has the decompressor been modified ? It makes a huge differance in cold starting.
No, I haven't modified the decompressor........I was always under the impression that it was for the older 450's?? Mine being an 05, I didn't think that was an option. If I will benefit from that, I would definately do it......
Has anyone here done this decompression mod., and if so, would you share your info?? Would love to hear all about this. My bike rocks, but I hate the cold start unreliability. Starts instantly when warm.