Brake caliper kits


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I was trying to rebuild my brake calipers and since I work part time at a Yamaha/Gas Gas shop I tried to order some Yamaha parts to fit the '10 Nambo. Well the stock YZ250 rear caliper and master cyl kit worked but the the stuff I ordered did not work on the front. Anyone know which year of YZ I could order? '08- '11 YZ250 front brake parts will not work. I have ordered GG stuff for now but it would be nice to have the option of using Yamaha stuff.
Probably Honda stuff for the front. They still take the Honda lever and pads on my 2011.

Honda fo sho! I have heard there are differences between the masters for the Honda and the Yamaha even though they both look the same externally. The Honda is meant to out perform the Yamaha also.