Carb tuning


My bike runs like a dream (GasGas EC 125 2006) but it have a lot of spooge. The rear gets covered in oil, indicating its way too rich.
Do I need to get smaller jets or can highering the needle clip solve my "issue". The jets are not only really expensive but I dont want to order stuff :p
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Like a dream. I wouldn't mess too much but gg idea check gbox oil to be sure, only panic of going down.

You will inevitably get spooge if lots of town work. If it is too rich it could be rich at one position and fine or even lean at another position.

I'd aim for reliability first and just wipe it occasionally.
Yeah I like having it rich so it doesnt run lean and die. Definitely not crank seals. I build this engine soo good, theres no way.
Though the spooge is annoying. Its so much. Whole rear is black. The amount of brake clean needed to get it off is unreal. Its at a point where it drips down on the tyre... and if im unlucky it will hit the rear brake aswell