Contact 250 vs 280


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I can't decide which one to get. I mainly boondock super steep gnarly terrain, but also have some awesome trials riding nearby (Dallesport WA). I loved my Scorpa SY250 and wished I didn't sell it. My 2010 Sherco 290 gearbox doesn't suit my needs. I want to pull a long nasty hill in 4th and the Sherco won't do it, too big a gap between 3rd and 4th.

Seems the Contact would be a good choice for me but don't know if I should go 250 or 280

Any input is much appreciated.

I clock in at about 190 lbs. I have the 250. I did ride the 280. Biggest difference was starting. The 280 has more compression thus harder to start. That being said, neither is a pain to start. The 250 is just easier. I am using my Contact for mostly trail work...lots of stopping and starting. The gap you talk about is between 4th and 5th on the contact. For me there was no advantage of the 280. Jeff