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Hi all

So i raced my GG300 into the ground about 6 weeks ago. Knew I needed a cylinder and piston so I did that.

Then at start up I had a weird noise so i took the case off that covers the clutch, PV and kickstart and the backing plate to the basket had sheared the rivets and was flopping loose. The gear on PV was damaged as well.

My buddy who sold me the bike had me come out and he and I couldnt find where the black rubber/nylon chunks came from. he ground the rivets from and old clutch basket and we saw the "cush" things in there and then we knew where the chunks came from. he then robbed the needed parts off his spare GG and i was on my way to race this weekend. Changed the oil 6 times in just a few days trying to get the debris out.

question is...has anybody ever had the rivets shear off on a basket? And also does the spring on the PV ever need replacing?

sorry, im long winded.
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On the back side of the clutch basket is a thin metal plate. It is held to teh basket with smash rivets and sandwiched in between are 8 round rubber thingys that act as a cush drive to the clutch basket.

After a new cylinder and top end i had a loud rattle then a clunking noise when i killed the bike. Upon further examination I found the thin metal plate loose on the back of the basket and the rubber thingys all chewed to heck. It also damaged the nylon gear on the power valve assembly.

My friend I bought the GG from has a spare bike and robbed all the parts off it to fix mine as I had a race to attend. He also had a broken basket and he ground the rivets off and gave me the undamaged plate and cush drive rubbers. As well as the nylon PV gear. Ive ordered the rivets and nylon gear to put mine back together and give to him to reinstall on his spare GG.

sorry....long winded. be glad you dont run into me on the streets as I would talk your ear off to the point of making you late for dinner.
As the bike ran fine for a long time (I assume) they you replaced the piston and immediately after this problem with the clutch basket occurred I would guess it was something you did when you were spannering but i've no idea what?

Did you have the clutch cover off? Could something have fell in there?
I rode the last 2 laps of a race (18 miles total) on a flat rear tire. Towards the end I heard some rattling noise and then after the race (got a 5th and a plaque) the bike had a funny feel in kickstarter. It started and I rode to camp. I felt the top end was junk and when I got home I tore the cylinder off. Bought a new cylinder and piston and put it back together but it had a funny feel in kickstarter. I did start it up and it ran fine on the stand but when I killed it I had an awful clunking noise. I took the large cover off the clutch side and thats when I found the loose plate with the damaged PV gear and loose fragments of the cush thingys in the oil.

I asked the guru at GoFasters if he had ever heard of the rivets failing and he said yes in older GGs...mine is an 01 300.

Trust me there are rivets in there and if they fail its not catastrophic.

Ive changed the oil 7 times in less than a week and I hold a small strainer under the drain when I do so I can guage what I am gettiong out of it. The cush thingys are being chewed up by the gears. No i was not gonna split the cases to clean it all out.

I raced it 40 miles last sunday and the bike ran perfect and cant wait for next weekend!!!!!!!