Fork upgrade


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i have a 2011 300 gasgas with the 45 mm zokes, i have had a lot of work done on them and have them working fairly decent but i rode a 300 race over the weekend with the 48 mm forks and they felt awesome.

im wondering what fork swaps have been done. im assuming the 48 mm zokes would be the easiest upgrade but the likelyhood of finding a used set of them laying around wouldnt be good.

have any of you guys upgraded to ktm or yamaka or honda setups??
Just do a search for 48 mm KYB SSS forks, A few of us have done it and are very happy. For the most part the Yamaha front end is a direct bolt on
Go to all balls racing , they have conversion bearings for about any setup. Type in your bike and the donor bike triple and fork set up .