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I mean for the bike itself like this

Bike year:
Top speed:
what kind of ridding do you do:

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Bike year: 2002
model: EC250
mods: FMF Gnarly and TCII, Aktive reeds, LTR jetting and powervalve cover.
Gearing: 13:48 and 13:50
Top speed: 81 on GPS and 76 on GPS
what kind of ridding do you do: Long sandy hills, tight muddy areas, but no rocks, and lots of fire roads.

Result: With 13:50 its a stump puller, and still has better top speed than most the Jap 250s I ride with.
The 13:48 has lots of top speed and a nice 2nd gear for most the trails I do and keeps me from going into 4th gear. !st is a little tall but it still works as a scapgoat.
Gearing Database

I will sticky it and modify the title. This will serve as the gearing database (like the jetting database).

Bike year: 2007
model: EC250
mods: LTR powervalve cover, LTR jet kit, FMF Gnarly pipe & Turbine core II spark arrestor/silencer, top secret blend of premix :D
Gearing: 13T/50T and 13T/52T
Top speed: Too fast, too quick... I don't care for top speed since I ride singletrack. On doubletrack connector trails, I guess the top speed is around 60 mph but never cared to look. :)
What kind of ridding do you do: Singletrack trails with a variety of conditions. Michigan trails are lots of sand with some rock and firm soil. No clay. Typical tires are Michelin S12 or Maxxis SI.

Result: 13T/50T was what my bike had from the previous owner. It worked well, but I found myself mis-shifting to neutral on technical singletrack (hill climbs, tight trees, etc.). I switched to 13T/52T to give me more acceleration and low end torque. Now, I use 2nd & 3rd gear more for singletrack and avoid going to 1st gear (unless absolutely necessary).
Bike year: 2003
Model: EC200
Mods: LTR Powervalve Cover
Gearing: 13:52
Top speed: Its around 90 - 100 km/h
What kind of ridding do you do: Varying from 4X4 roads to tight snotty singletrack. We ride all year round, lots of dust in summer, real slippery mud/clay in winter. Rocks thrown in all round just for kicks.

Result: Its pretty good, hit most hills in second gear, kick it down to first if its real bad. Most tracks don't require first gear at all, only use it as said before for insane hillclimbs (usually don't get up them anyway hahaha). Sometimes would like more poke on the fire roads but that is the trade off with a small bore two stroke I reckon
Bike year: 2004
Model: 450 FSE
Mods: .
Gearing: 13:46or 52 For Enduro 13: 36 or38 for Supermoto
Top speed: Its around 95 mph .150 km/h with either gearset.

For mods... working on adapting my DRZ aftermarket Titanium pipe and muffler set up to my GG. The DRZ pipes weigh less and are about 50% larger than the GG pipes.

Result:13-46 to 13-52 for desert . . The 13- 36 works wonders for street or highway use.
With the 13-36 setup can cruise at 80mph without really revving up the motor. Minimum 6th gear speed 60mph.
Bike year: 2007
model: EC300
Mods: LTR jetting and PV cover
Gearing: 13/51
Top speed: 77 mph
What kind of ridding do you do: rocky single track, tight single track

Gearing is great for what I do. Spend 90% of my time in 2nd and 3rd gear
Bike Year: 2001
Bike Model: EC250
Mods: LTR jet kit; FMF Gnarly pipe
Gearing: 13:52
Top Speed: 60-ish. Never worried too much about it.
Type of riding: Tight single track, rocks. I'm in 2nd or 3rd gear most of the time.
Bike year:2009
model:EC250 SixDays
mods:CRD bash plate, Rekluse clutch, KTM hand guards, Raptor Titanium foot pegs, Kriega pull straps f&R!!
Gearing:13:48, will change to 13:52 as I rarely top out in sixth & droping 2nd & 3rd would be more beneficial for the type of riding I do.
Top speed:100kph ish.
what kind of ridding do you do:Irish Enduro, see: wet & muddy with lots of ruts & roots.

Result:Fine bike, front suspension was very tiring until it was set up for me by Chris Hockey AKA: Dr. Shox.
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Bike year: 2006
model: FSE450
mods: None to engine
Gearing: 13/48
Top speed: ? I never get there
what kind of riding do you do: Woods
Result: Good

Bike year: 2004
model: EC200
mods: Gnarly pipe and flywheel weight
Gearing: 12/48
Top speed: 60 mph estimated
what kind of riding do you do: Woods
Result: Bit too lively in 1st and 2nd going back to 13/48
Bike year: 2007
model: EC250
mods: LTR PV cover
Gearing: 13:52
Top speed: 76 on an ICO, not sure on GPS

what kind of riding do you do: technical trails, several enduros a year, occasional hare scrambles

Result: I need the bike to climb very steep rock hills and it does this well. Also, when racing in tight but less technical terrain, it allows me to avoid making the more awkward shift to and from first gear. Essentially, first gear is a bailout. Top speed is a non-issue.
Bike year:2000
mods: pv cover, jet kit, 8oz fww, doma pipe,tc2 silencer
Top speed:68ish on gps. i'm rarely above 30.
what kind of ridding do you do:tight woods, hare scrambles, enduros

Result:works well for my purposes. suspension is the best. i'm in 2nd and 3rd most of the time. no need for top speed - i'm usually in 6th for under 5 minutes total in a 2hr race. i do 30+ tight rocky/rooty single track harescrambles a year and need this gearing primarily for hill climbing..and to get killer starts.. i am now regularly top 3 into the woods! if i could just get the other hour and 59 minutes figured out i'd be a contender :)
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Bike Year:1999
Model:EC 200
Mods: Jet Kit, Head Squish, Mecciso Pipe, just a tad taken out of the head pipe w/ FMF S/A T.C II, Boysen Carbon Power Reeds. Swapped out the 45mm Zokes for 43 WP's
Top speed:60+

What kind of ridding do you do:tight woods, hare scrambles, enduros

Result:Motor/suspension is awesome for tight stuff...Runs like a 200 on steroids. I have tried 13/51, went back to 13/52 for second, thrid and fourth gear for grunt work! Got'ta love that six speed
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Bike Year:2005
Model:300 DE
Mods: RB carb and head mod, G2 throttle cam, suspension by Trailtricks
Gearing:13/47 for desert, switching to 13/49 for enduro

What kind of riding do you do?:tight woods, hare scrambles, enduros

Result:13/47 is a little tall but works fine unless moving very slow, 13/49 provides more of a "granny" gear. My suspension is excellent for all speeds but optimized for a faster pace.
Bike year: 2011
model: EC250E
mods: carb tuning only
Gearing: 13:48 (standard)
Top speed: ~140 as i've seen
what kind of ridding do you do: mostly tight, rocks, woods. in the winter dunes and open desert

Result: pretty good, may try 13:50- for the rocks. carb jetting with 'rain' map provides good response and nice boost in low RPM
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2011 XC250-E, skinny base gskt.
175 main, N3EW needle 2nd clip position, 42 pilot
13:52 gearing
81 mph pinned down a gravel road, runs clean from top to bottom.
I've honestly never pushed an engine as hard as I did this one.
2008 300ec
Gearing: 13-44
Jetting: 178/45 stock needle 2nd clip
Doma pipe and muffler
S3 head
Oversize PV-cover
87mph gps

Not perfect gearing in tight places but good in mx track and trail riding with long distances

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Year : 2004
De converted ec300
Gearing: 13/50
Top speed: never tested assuming 50ish
Riding: single track, xc racing, tough terrain, big hillclimb
Mods: powervalve cover, fmf fatty/ turbinecore2, 2k3 ignition and all chassis armor and goodies

My gearing setup is about as perfect as it can get for a novice intermediate rider. It tracts awesome everywhere even with a bald tire and can lug it super low my only reason to change would be to go down to a 48 to try to see if i could ride the bike more aggressively but the bottom end the bike has now is just incredible almost like a trials bike!
Bike year: 2006
model: DE/EC 200
Jetting: 178/42. NEsomething? the suzuki needle at #3. 5 slide ground to a 6
mods: LTR PV cover, cleaned up ports on cylinder, psr-21 reeds, fmf gnarly, Q stealth
Gearing: 12/48 with renthal non o-ring chain
Top speed: faster than 60? not a big deal to me
what kind of ridding do you do:tight woods, single track, stop and start because of losing the trail

Result: the 12 tooth front sprocket has shown signs of bending teeth way before the rear sprocket or chain wearing out, will go for a 13/51 or 52 when I change sprockets and chain
Ec250 2008

Bike year: 2008
model: EC250
mods: Gnarly pipe
Gearing: 13/51
Top speed:..I've got a GSXR for top speed!
what kind of ridding do you do: enduro, woods stuff, gentle trail.

Result: seems fine to me, good low granny trials gear, top is high enough, she came with 13-47 which would of been great for motorway or pizza delivery work!

I did once have a EC-200 that came with a 13/45 on it....must of been a good story there?
Bike year: 2012.
model: EC250-e.
mods: Rad braces.
Gearing: 13/52.
Top speed: ???
what kind of ridding do you do: Woods, slow stuff mainly.

Question: with the current gearing the chain has eaten through the chain guide, will a TM designs (they say up to 3t extra) fit it &/or do I need to revert back to a 50 & possibly fit a 12t on the front for the same effect?