Help with Rear Springs


Hey guys, I did some searching but couldn?t really find the answer I was looking for. I am trying to decipher my Ohlins rear spring number. I?m 185 decked out for riding and don?t know if this spring is correct. I have never in my years ever worried about this, but now that I?m older I am going for the best riding experience I can get. My Ohlins spring says 000596-10/52 L3410. I haven?t the slightest clue on what this means, but I?m sure it has spring rate in there somewhere. Can you guys help me out on this? Thanks
That's a 5.2kg spring. It might work well for you. I've been using an old Beta chart for spring selection on my pre-'18 Gassers (an '05 and an '11) and it seems spot on IMO/IME. According to that chart a 5.2 shows it should be good for 185-199lb w/gear riders.

Set your SAG, check your static and free SAG numbers, and then you'll know if it's right for you. Oh, if it is, read this thread...
I figured there was a chart somewhere that would decipher the spring numbers. If what you say right about the rate I will give it a go. Thanks for the help.
The two digits after the slash are 52. That indicates a 5.2kg spring. So, if the part number was 000596-10/64 it would have been a 6.4kg spring.