Late Summer Week-long ride


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Each year, my daughters, friends, and I like to do a 5 day ride somewhere. We've done the UP in Michigan, and the Black Hills in South Dakota. However, we're looking for somewhere new to ride.

We're looking to ride the week of 17 august, with travel the weekends before and after.

Ideas have been CO, the Hatfield McCoy Trails, MT, etc.

The problem is that my daughters (14 and 12) hate riding in the old tow vehicle (1992 volvo) 'cause it doesn't have A/C, and riding with dad gets to be a drag. (my wife suggested that we pay one of our riding buddies $50 to have my kids in their air conditioned car, but my buddies want a set of noise cancelling headphones thrown in.)

Anyway, I did a bit of google mapping, and came up with a plot of locations within 500, 750, and 1000 miles of Minneapolis. Having ridden the UP (lots of sand, not many hills) and SD, we'd like to try something different.

Given the attached .jpg, do you guys have any good ideas for a place to ride for a week? Ontario/Manitoba look pretty interesting. West Virginia looks to be at that 750 mile range. Kentucky and Tennessee, and Arkansas are also at that 750 mile mark.

Can anyone please offer suggestions for riding areas in these zone which would offer an interesting 5 day riding experience? My kids don't ride that fast (they get that from me), but they will try to ride anything, and aren't freaked out about difficult trails. My friends ride pretty fast, but they get to do 2x as many miles as we do.

Thanks very much for your help and insight.



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Westpoint which is leased by the North Alabama Trailriders Assoc. (NATRA) is a great place if you like single track. There's 80-100 miles of single track (motorcycle only) plus a ton of four wheeler trails. Trails are one way traffic and well marked. This area is rolling hills and drains well but has no hard hill climbs or deep mud holes.
Westpoint is 90 miles south/southwest of Nashville, TN. NATRA members can camp and ride free. NATRA membership is $50 per family for the calender year.
If you decide to come down let me know and I'll hook up with you. - Ken