National Enduro Rd #2, Georgia

Mark Berg - CPD

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Welcome one and welcome all to the National Enduro in Gainesville, Georgia!
GasGas will have Jim Senecal, Billy Burns, and Curt Comer at the second round this coming February 23rd and 24th.

Please stop by between 3 pm and 6 pm on Saturday at our pro pit and talk GasGas. You don't have to be a GasGas owner to say hello! We'll have some refreshments, GasGas calenders to share along with some possible freebies!

Come introduce yourself and good luck to all who are racing the event!
Good luck guys, we're all rooting for you!

Thanks again for the support! I will post a report next week when I get back. I think that you will see us "pick up the pace" in the second half of the season after the snow goes up here in the north east and we can ride and race like the rest of the southern guys have been doing all winter. My goals for Rd #2 is, 1st just to finish, 2nd is top 5 in class and 3rd is top 75 overall.

We are making some changes to the bike for the weekend that should increase the low end power delivery on the 200EC. By Rd #3 I hope to have the Rekluse clutch installed and dialed in for the southern riding. FYI for the Northeast riders, I will be working with factory connection later in the spring to get a GG200 set up for New England and the ROCKS! I will be happy to share anything information with any rider. I did hear that Dirt World Cycles of NY will have 4 or 5 guys riding out of their shop and competeing in the NETRA H/S series in 2008.

Stay tuned next week,