no spark...


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bike was fine, now i get no spark.

i'm thinking it's the stator. i hope it's not the cdi.. but my coil gives me a wonky's what i have:

primary windings (blu/w to g) - .7 ohm (i would assume i should get 2.5ohm- 5 ohm right?????)
secondary windings (no plug wire) 12.7 kohm

pulser coil 93ohm, jumps to 115ohm when magnet passes (this i assume is good.)
exciter coil - 0ohms and under 2volts when kicked 5 times. (this is not good i assume..)

any ideas????
I know this is going to sound stupid but have you tried a brand new spark plug? And I mean brand new, not one that is used but works.

I spent an hour one day trying to get my bike started. It worked fine the day before. We used plugs that I knew worked. It appeared to have no spark at all. After much fiddling around he walked over to the auto parts store bought a new plug and it fired right up.

Weirdest thing I have ever seen.

Worth a try if you haven't all ready.
already tried three different plugs, and 2 different plug ends. :)

i thought about this some more. the exciter coil should read something, even if the stator is bad.....not 0. i read the previous resistance at the cdi connection. and i get no continuity at all. there should be some continuity through the windings, even if it's bad... so that tells me there must be a break in the red/white or black/red wire...right???
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so i get 27 ohms for the stator near the coils. and 0 at the connectors. i rebuild the harness with new wire. when i tighten the base plate to the motor i get 0 and intermittent readings... the exciter coils test good, but i cannot get it to work when all together. im assuming it's shorting when i tighten the plate down. any suggestions for a replacement stator that's inexpensive ? 2k-2........
Any chance it could be a failed kill switch? They can go bad.

good luck.

do you have a MX recycler (junkyard) around? I have read that KTM uses (used?) the 2K2 also. maybe you could match one up if you take your old one in. Would certainly be useful info for the crossover database.
As with any electrical circuit. To measure resistance, you really need to have a load on the circuit.
One strand of wire can show continuity, buy won't be big enough to carry an electrical load.

Great to see you have it figured out.