Northwest Florida Riders???


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Anyone out there from the NW Florida/Southern Alabama/Southern Mississippi area???

If so, where do you live and where do you normally ride???

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Yep, I'm familiar with both SERA and SETRA, since my riding buds race in one or the other--depending on preference.

However, I'm wondering about "local" riders and where they spend their time practicing/play riding, as well as, where they live.

As for you... Where in Alabama do you live?

There is a fine set of single track about midway between Mobile and the AL/MS line at Exit 13 off of I-10.
~20 miles of very tight trail. My machete is 28" long and thats how wide my bars are.
Karl P

Can you give me a little more information about your twenty-mile loop--like how you identify the area (from the road) and such. As well, there's a mx track with some trail located in the Theodore area, is this what you're talking about???


Do you know any riders from the Destin/Ft. Walton Beach area???

I'm thinking we know some of the same people...