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I've been looking at that and its very interesting. Seems like KTM will use Husaberg as a development platform. I bet it shows up wrapped in Orange if it works for a couple years in the 'Berg.
That is what I have heard the plan is at KTM. Use the low volume 'Berg to try out bleeding edge technology ('Berg owners are used to shelling out $10,000 for "new things") and once it's teeth have been cut, transition the technology over to the mass production pumpkins. I can't wait to see what they try with the WEC bikes from Husaberg.

Bike should be available en mass worldwide December of 2008.

Bad Babelfish translation of german information.

The new Husaberg-generation 2009 marks the beginning of a new era for the Enduro world. Revolutionary technology and a completely new appearance of the off-road scene on the head and the traditional mark back on the road of success.

The first prototype from the year 1988 caused by its uncompromising design for a sensation. Radical weight reduction, a completely unconventional frame construction with many ingenious solutions and an extremely compact engine allowed a hitherto unknown new four-stroke enduro feeling with extra handling. Twenty years later writes Husaberg history again.

With the latest generation has Husaberg Enduro the issue a second time with a completely new approach and has an almost revolutionary engine design with a 70 ° angle flat cylinder and electronic fuel injection.

Together with an advanced chassis design, a Enduro bike, in terms of innovative technology and Off road driving behavior, a new benchmark set.

High Modern 70 ° High Performance OHC 4-Takt
State-engine management with electronic fuel injection
Ultra Ruggedized chassis with chromium-molybdenum-frame and plastic-frame rear
Supersportliches slim Body Work
Minimum Weight
Unvergleichbar easy handling

Heart of the new Husaberg generation is the new SOHC single - with a capacity of 448.6 and 565 cc. Besides top performance, modern compact design and high stability was the goal of the developers, the crank shaft near the center of gravity positioning and hence the handling of the engine design to favor.


A shallow cylinder angle of 70 ° allows the shifting of the crankshaft for more than 100 mm to the top and about 160 mm to the rear, creating the rotating masses of the crankshaft close to the vehicle-Focus hike.

In this situation, by the rotating crankshaft resulting centrifugal forces the least leverage on the overall vehicle, which for Viertakt-Einzylinder incomparably easy handling results.

Positive effects of the high engine are a reduced width and significantly improved ground clearance-a tremendous advantage in close rocky terrain.

Cylinder head

An overhead camshaft actuated weight-rocker on the four valves (inlet valves made of titanium), and also serves as an additional centrifuge for engine exhaust. Compared with the previous model minimized oscillating masses, larger cross sections valve and a flatter angle valve leading to significantly increased performance while improving driveability in the lower load range. A slanting aufgesetzter magnesium cylinder head cover much easier to service work.

Engine management
A state motor management of Keihin provides for a hitherto unknown Response and gentle behavior while driving increased performance. The cylinder is used by the airbox tank positioned on a 42 mm throttle body in direct current case respiration, which is optimal flow and maximum performance.

Automatic choke, temperature and altitude compensation are also state of the art.

Oil circuit

A pressure pump provides reliable all the essential components such as the crankshaft, piston and valve train with lubricating oil, while a suction pump excess oil from the cylinder head back to the gear heads. Only one more oil filter facilitates the service.

What Kick starter when the bike also reliably push of a button can start? By working ultra-precise engine management can be the driving force in any situation immediately. Therefore, it has been a kick starter be abandoned, so as to the weight to a minimal level.

The coupling with an integrated damper jerk and increased oil was also designed for extreme loads. Thanks to the new hydraulic clutch actuation of Magura is the Dosierverhalten the system reference class.

The new engine concept also opens new avenues in terms of the chassis. Highest priority, the Husaberg engineers on the handling favorable weight distribution, the use of high quality components, minimum weight and a supersportliches Body Work with Enduro-gerechter ergonomics.

A new chrome-molybdenum-perimeter frame in design that maximizes the torsion track and secure stability for minimum weight. The engine running under the pipe loops were erected by the engine design is extremely slim and continue to be pulled back. This brings minimum width and more ground clearance, a huge advantage in heavy terrain.

Why must it always be metal, though plastics high enough? Under this slogan, the Husaberg developers under the stern of networked polyethylene. In addition to reduced weight and increased stiffness of this material offers a free choice of form. So are many good electrical components in the rear embed a lateral opening under the seat serves as a handle to handle in rough terrain.

The adjusted to the bending moment, the casting arm directly actuated PDS-Federbein and was designed so that both arms flex the same behavior. The highest track brings stability and a lot of traction and comfort.

The fully adjustable 48 mm Upside-Down-Gabel from WP Suspension ensures sensitive response and high attenuation reserves. With the wide adjustment range is the best forklift driver to track and adjust.

The CNC-gefrästen fork bridges guarantee high precision and stability.

PDS Shock
The fully adjustable WP PDS-Federbein with light aluminum outer tube features a user-adjustable rebound on a high and Low-Speed-Druckstufendämpfung and is thus perfectly adapted to different conditions.

High-quality components with the brakes. A newly developed by Brembo front brake with a new weight and smaller floating caliper piston provides maximum and well dosierbare braking power with minimal effort. Rear takes a Einkolben-Bremssattel the ultra-light with a wave brake disc design in the pliers.

The exhaust manifold was so integrated into the vehicle, that he was against damage by rocks optimally protected, and the driver not to come into contact. The aesthetic of lightweight aluminum muffler certainly fulfilled the required noise limits.

A far up under the seat drawn 8,5-Liter-Tank transparent polyethylene contributes to the lowest possible vehicle priority. In the lower range, the compact fuel pump court, while directly behind the tank lid accommodate the airbox is in the best position for intake air cool and clean for maximum watts, and depth. The slim tank design provides optimal freedom of movement and sporting ergonomics.

Body Work
New plastic parts and modern Inmold-Technologie for the spoiler emphasize the forward-looking appearance of the whole vehicle.
i10 Large! iAy Carrumba! Well, guess what? If two strokes ever go away, all bikes will skyrocket in price. Has anybody noticed how much a two stroke pipe or muffler costs these days? They've doubled in price in the last 10 years.
Is that engine a complete redesign or just a typical engine tipped up on end with the cylinder angled a few more degrees?
Complete redesign. Conventional wisdom is that Husaberg/KTM have been working on it since 2003 ironing bugs out on a test track deep within Sweden. The other theory is that the new KTM motors are a rotated version of this motor, not vice-versa.

Everything I have heard so far leads me to believe that with the fuel under your butt and all the motor mass between your calves, the bike should handle like a dream - even though it is more top heavy - the weight is in the right places as you sit on the bike. It supposedly corners like a corvette. Not to mention that large open area behind the front wheel where the smashy parts all used to be. It will be harder to flatten a header or rip off a cooling line on rocks and log crossings.


The biggest bonus I can see with the new design is with the relocated header, the bike shouldn't burn holes in your $100+ riding pants anymore!:rolleyes:

The 'bergs are britches-eaters in their current configuration.
The looks of that bike really get the juices flowing. I like it. It only has one major flaw............ Two too many strokes.