our normal trail rides..

That looks like fun country to ride. I've never ridden any terrain like that before.

it is my favorite place around here.. it is a state park, so you have to pay 7.00 to ride there, so there is not alot of people there.. we have the canadian river closer and free also.. this day we were the only riders there.. there is about 50 miles of mapped trails. they used to hold a trials event there every year.. it is some great terrain.

where we are dropping off there is the motorcycle only area. very cool trails.. the rest of the marked trails are 4 wheeler wide.. you can spend alot of time back in there.. that rutted hill is the only marked entrance.
it is a great place.. i think gasgasman told me he rode a race there once, or just rode there, i dont remember which it was...

and yes, we crash.... alot....lol.. we take this riding stuff pretty serious...on this particular day, i only had one little get off.. it was a good day..