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Hey all, i recently picked up a 99 ec250 in really great shape, and have not really ridden it (other than around the neighborhood) until yesterday. It rides great tons of power and tracks really well. I rode my local trails and covered 12 miles round trip.. per my handheld gps. So i guess my question is what kind of total(per full tank) mileage might I expect ? I know there are tons of variables,i wont be riding wide open(all of the time) some open jeep trails, quad trails and some tight technical stuff as well. Not riding super hard but not just joyriding either... just looking for a ballpark figure. Thanks . Chad
on technical terrain i get about 3 hours at a quick pace,or 4 at a just ridin along pace.up here in western canada technical is 90% 1-3 gear
Dave is spot on. Mostly easy trail riding : 22-26 mpg but I have gotten as little as 20 mpg when I ran a CCK needle.