Rockies around July 4th? Rideable?


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Friends are telling me that the mountain may not be opened up that early in the summer.

My vacation lands around that time to the middle of the month so if I go out there it will be during that time. Is family riding going to suck at that time? I am looking for more scenic rides, and we are riding non street legal bikes and a RZR.

Looking to ride over top of the mountain if possible but for this trip it will be limited single track adventures.

Thanks for any tips and suggestions.
July 4th weekend is a crap shoot in the higher elevations of CO. It depends on the amount of snowfall they have had and the weather leading up to the weekend of the 4th. I have been up there on the 4th with all trails clear and open and have also got turned around by snow on the trail or closures. Later in July would be a better bet. But, if you are locked into July 4th, I would recommend southwestern Colorado. That way if there are trail closures you could proceed to ride Moab or Grand Junction as a fall back plan. Hope this helps...
Many of the passes are opened in sw co by the 4th. Generally they use machinery on the more popular ones along the alpine loop and between hwy 550 and 145
Most of the passes will be open by then in the Ouray area. Last year black bear was the only one not open. Poughkeepsie opened the 5th I believe. Just have to watch the snowfall and check the trail reports to see what's open. I will be up there this year with mine that week.
I am looking for some trails that I could take my wife and 14 year old son on both of which ride OK but certainly not looking for challenging single track. Have been looking in the Ouray/Ridgeway but am having a hard time finding trail maps or information on that area. I am really looking for scenic rides. Single track would be fine for me and my oldest but before the kids leave the house I want to take them through the rockies if possible, bikes would seem the best way to see it.
For up to date Jeep/OHV Colorado high mountain pass conditions, periodically check For trails around Salida/Sargents area, check and click on his "ADV" trail conditions link as he is the guy who opens up the trails in the spring. The "O'Haver Lake" area west/southwest of Salida is very nice for mixed dirt bike/OHV riding as it links into the Sargents/Southern Taylor Park area very easily. It's also close to St. Elmo/Hancock Pass if that is Open (it usually is and the general store in St. Elmo will give you pass conditions). Go to for majority of Colorado trail maps. PM me if you need any info!

The Wells book is a good starter. has gpx files for all the trails. The ridgeway area has Last Dollar Road that runs into telluride. You could fuel up there and head east to Ophir Pass to Silverton. But the. It's highway up 550 or head to animas forks where the trails to get over to the red mountains. The Alpine Loop is a good one but it's an all day jaunt. Just have to know your limits on fuel.

Here is the wells link
I did buy one for the Telluride area and it is entirely for ATV trails. Not one dirt bike trail in the whole book. TONS of good information so it is not a complete waste.