Round 1 (Smith Cross Roads ) VCHSS

Awesome pics. biggs. I see you took that new bike and got it all muddy and had a great finsh yourself; congrats. Oh, in the Main AA GasGas was 1st, 2nd, and 5th. So that's 3 GG in the top five. Daniel Morrison on here finished 5th. That looked like a real mudfest!:D
Thanks ,I forgot Chance on the 4 stroke.

Naw I rode my 08 . Didn't want to get the new one muddy . Besides I havent cut the bars ,and dont have Barkbusters yet.

Were you there?

It was a mudfest !
No I was going to go but the bad weather scared me off. I was going to meet Crazy Ted and get some Motoz tires. I forgot you put the new plastics and grafix on your 08. Glad to know the 11 is still looking pretty. Do you have any ride time on the 11 for a compairson to the 08?
Haven't even fired it up yet.

I have a tendency to sit when its really sloppy like it was ,and as a consequence the ruts & roots & bumps worked my bad back over pretty good. So I've been hobbling around like a 90 year old man the last couple of Days.

I've got to start standing when its Muddy like that. I stand ok when its dry (for the most part , still sit when its tight).
I hear ya. I think they named the Six Days bikes after me; it takes me six days to recoup after a ride LOL.