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SA Members drive!

Lets make a point of pointing all our fellow SA GG riders to this forum. From here we can organise an annual outride into KZN for a weekend.
I know quite a few GasGas riders in Benoni. Where to, and when, did you have in mind for the KZN ride?
Hi Dingo,
Am new to the gasgas sa forum
I am located in Blythedale Beach in Kzn and got myself a GasGas 300ec 2001 model.
I race regional hare scrambles and offroads.
I am in masters class and race a Honda250x for the last two seasons after a 15 year lay off.
Got a two stroke as i feel the Honda puts me in a comfort zone and my lap times are too slow.Brilliant bike though.
Hopefully the GasGas will make me ride faster and take me out of my comfort zone.
Would like to meet up for some fun rides if possible.
My cell number is 0845873883.

Where are you located in kzn?