Seeking EC 300 setup suggestions for tight trails


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This could be premature as the bike hasn’t even been delivered yet, but the anticipation is killing me, so I thought I’d post questions while I wait.

My riding is strictly trails – tight, wooded single track. For those in the Puget Sound region this means Reiter, Tahuya, Taneum/Naches, Walker Valley, etc. I want to setup the EC 300 focused for these kinds of conditions. I want to focus the bike on the low end and smooth power delivery. Are there any typical mods or recommendations? Smaller sprocket? Jetting change? Flywheel weight? Throttle tube/cam with different profile? Maybe just leave the ignition mapping switch in “wet” and change nothing else?

I’m not a fast rider and even if I have the opportunity to open up the throttle I rarely will. As a rider I want to become smother and more confident in difficult terrain. Something I’d like to aspire to:

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I may eventually add a recluse auto clutch, but I’ll avoid it initially. I have one on the DRZ and it definitely helps me ride much more difficult and challenging terrain, but with the gasgas I want to put that mod off and refocus on my clutching ability with a lighter, better bike.
Congradulations on your purchase you are indeed lucky enough to have choosen prob the best mount for the type of riding you a going to be doing. Being familier with your stomping grounds I can tell you this, your bike wont require a lot of setup as it is pretty good out of the box. Apart from ergos, spring rates and jetting tuning there is not alot to do. From my own experiance the best advice that I can give you is to resist the temptation to overgear the bike. A 13-48 or 13-49 are your best bets and if you go to big on the back sprocket you will have problems on the rutted up hills as the combination of lots of torque and flywheel with overgearing will make it want to pop the front wheel out of the ruts.Good Luck.
300 set up

bark busters, skid plate, tm chain guide, radiator guards, and leave the dual mapping on rain. The tires of your choice and the only problem you may have is overheating if you clutch alot in really tight slow areas. I have had 5 and love these bikes. I am checking on the force rad guards now and will let you know after I use them. Have fun, Tom
Jet it, armor it, kick it and go.

When the suspension needs service get it set up for your weight, ability, and style of terrain you ride.
I suggest contacting Les at LTRacing 360 871-2259 he is in Port Orchard WA. and IMHO is the best in the business.
He also can advise you on some other upgrades he machines for Gas Gas motorcycles.

Man are you in for a treat after riding that DRZ. This is what your face is gonna look like after you throw a leg over the best weapon designed for what we ride here in Washington. :D :D :D

Congrats on a wise decision,

My suggestion is you set the sag, in full riding gear before it even leaves the garage. Break it in, call Les and get an LTR jet kit, play with that until it's perfect, then smile. You don't need to buy anything else. Heck, you don't need to buy anything, but super crisp jetting is the result of Les' needle, and it's worth it.

Sag is sooooo important. Don't forget to continue messing with clickers after break in, the feel will change with time.
I like to ride all those places. I would suggest a skid plate(the hyde combo looks afully nice), bark busters, lots of ltr goodies including the jet kit, 13/49 gearing and a set of Sakura tires from Tasky if he has them in stock. I have been tuning my bike for more hit lately and I really like how it runs without the reed spacer, you would be welcome to try it on your bike if it fits. I have not ridden one of the newer bikes but I really like my tall seat, lowboy pegs with the bars forward set up. Once some of this snow melts we should hook up and go out to Reiter and beat the bikes up a little. Perhaps a NW gg ride is in order, it would be fun to see how others set up their bikes.

Paul B
Perhaps a NW gg ride is in order, it would be fun to see how others set up their bikes.
Paul B

I'd be up for that as long as it didn't fall on a date I already have plans.

You all can try my 06 DE 300 equipped with EC coil as long as I still have it then. Although, I don't know about handing my bike over at Reiter though. I like the shape my exhaust is now I finally got the tuning dents just right :D
Hoping to have a 2008 soon,you know the old ball an chain has been all over me lately about spending money so I haven't pulled the trigger yet.

That's a long haul for a day ride for me, but I'm very interested in going to Reiter if you boys pull this off. I don't know where it is exactly, but from your references it sounds gnarly, I'm intrigued. As with everyone else here, you're welcome to try my bike. I think it's really fun to get together with other guys on the same bike and see the varied setups. What's really great is I've stolen lots of ideas from others over the years after trying different bikes.
Well I'm sure I could make arrangements for you to stay here if you can get away for a couple of days.
I have a nice motor home,thats parked at my house all year just waiting to get used. Then you could check out a couple of riding areas up here.

Maybe we can all make a NW Gas Gas owner meet happen this year. I may have met some of the Oregon Riders on here already when Racing down at Eddieville and Starvation ridge and don't even know it.

The Stupjumpers Frost bite harescrambles is also held at Reiter on February 16th if you are looking for a very tough Race to attend, and would be well worth a day trip, but after it you may not be in any shape to make the long haul home.

I came off a drz, If you want electric smooth power like the drz had ... put cck needle in it. Read through the lt jet kit report for more details, thread best mod i did as far as making my bike rider friendly. ltr power valve cover helps with bottom end and carburetion. As far as suspension set up gmp had some good posts that made a big difference on how my bike rode. I also ride tight woods and use 13 50 or 52 gearing, can't remember which. I found stock gearing a little too tall for my tastes. The first thing I would recommend trying is the cck needle, it's cheap and makes for a sweet ride. I also have g2 throttle.
I would like to throw in a word of caution. My first GG was a 200, and leaving it stock, I mean bone stock, would have been the right thing to do. After shaving the head, adjusting the timing, cutting an inch out of the pipe, it just made it violent. Stock can sometimes be sweeeeeet. Everyone has preferences, and I like the mods my bike has, but there's certainly nothing wrong with the stock bike.
She's home!

Just a quick series of photos from this afternoon. There're a couple of issues I'll start another thread for, but it still feels a bit like an early Christmas.