Starter clutch / gear problem


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I sheared off a load of little screws holding a gear to the back of the flywheel. I assume this is the infamous sprag clutch?

Also heard I could get the necessary parts direct from Ringspann and it's a lot cheaper. Checked the thread out on here and the Ringspann part number discussed is for 03 or 04 I think but mine is an 06. Not sure if this is the same part.

Can anyone advise me what is the correct Ringspann part number for an 06?
I should state I am assuming a lot here as until I get the flywheel remover I can't examine the part properly but it is all the little screws that seem to have sheared - I'm guessing this is the starter clutch that's failed?? Can anyone enlighten me?

Another question - what size is the flywheel puller for the 450? M30 x ?

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I thought the later bikes had the new clutch that was not prone to failure? how did yours happen? any pics?

Thanks. Got a puller and removed it. The problem looks like it's just the small bolts that attach the sprag housing to the back of the flywheel. The sprag itself and all the gears appear to be in perfect condition. Not sure why this happened. The 9 little bolts were not loctited which at least allowed me to remove the remains easily. Every one of the 9 bolts had sheared off. I am considering fitting some very hard 12.9 bolts if they will fit but the ones on the flywheel have special shallow heads to ensure they clear the stator I assume. I shall try test fitting the specially toughened ones to see if they'll clear.

The question in my head is if I should loctite these bolts or not. They don't look as if they came loose. They just sheared off - I assume from backfires during starting? The odd thing is it didn't "appear" to fail during starting, I stopped and then when I pressed the starter I could hear the starter spinning freely so it's almost as if they failed during riding - I did let it bump start a couple times after stalls because I was going down hill - could that do it? Wouldn't have thought that would put any stress through the starter mechanisms.

The stator has sustained minor damage so I will need to check the output. Is it just the charging across the battery to check or are there other taps to worry about? The bike was running ok after the failure so anything needed to start it can't be too bad. This was the first time I managed to start it on the kicker. Probably because the alternative was a very tiring push up a hill! It did take leaning on a tree and a lot of kicks though.
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Hello ian is your problem solved with the starter cluth?And wat parts dit you replace i,am curious because i think i have the same problem on my 450 fse 2005 . please let me now
Hello ian is your problem solved with the starter cluth?And wat parts dit you replace i,am curious because i think i have the same problem on my 450 fse 2005 . please let me now

Yes fine now. All it needed was a new set of tiny bolts that connect the starter clutch to flywheel, they had sheared off. They must be as strong as possible. I used M6 x 16 High Tensile 12.9 which were the strongest I could find. DO NOT use the torque setting in the manual - it's beyond the yield point! Check on Google for M16 12.9 steel max torque. The ones I found had higher heads than the ones that were on there so I had to measure the clearance.
Starter clutch

The motor is 2002-2004. They had a flywheel Puller 33mmx1.5mm. The ones from 2005 and next (Ducati) had a flywheel Puller 30mmx1.5mm
The mine is 2006 and the starter clutch doen't work and I have noticed is the same one that DRZ 400. I had one of this and I have compared. As soon as possible I'll upload pictures.
Regards from Spain!
Sounds like harmonics caused the bolts to back off and then once loose they have almost no shear strength so they got sheared off. If you can keep the replacement bolts tight I bet they will hold up.
I was also looking for a flywheel puller for my 2004 FSE 450. It has a Ducati flywheel and the outside of the threads on the flywheel mic out at 30 mm.
So, can I assume that I need a 30 mm puller?
Also, since most suppliers list the pullers by motorcycle brand can I get any advice on what Japanese or Euro brand uses the 30 x1.5 mm puller