Steahly weight 12oz VS "gofasters" 14oz weight


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I am searching for a 14oz flywheel weight for my MC250. Is the Steahly 12oz (max weight they list for gg) weight the same as the 12oz listed on the gofasters site or it has a larger effect? I understand that the Momment of innertia is not dependent fully on the weight. Is this correct?

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Hey Leon
When you say 14oz weight, you mean addition to present weight? The Steahly is a weight that is removeable because it threads to the crankshaft in place of the flywheel nut and is reversible as it is removable as a nut is. The only other flywheel weights I'm aware of, weld on, and are therefore permanent. As of three years ago, the only flywheel weight patent that involved threading to the crank was held by Steahly, so more than likely, the Gofasters weight is steahly, or under license. I have a 16 oz steahly on my CR500.

Sounds like you know your physics. I'm a little rusty, but you are right about moment of inertia. It has more to do with weight(mass) distribution. For instance, if you were to add a donut shaped weight to the outer edge of the flywheel weight, it would increase MOI significantly.

Road track & Trail has thread on weights in 10 and 14 oz for the MC/DE flywheels. The 14 oz actually wraps around the edge of the flywheel some. This in effect gives a greater increase in MOI over the 10 oz than the 4 oz difference would have you beleive. The weights have a "nut" machined in so its a simply R & R install. No spacer is needed, although its close so I run two ignition gaskets.
I belive Road, Track and Trail and ourselves (GoFasters) use the same flywheel weights from Check Point Machine. They are available in increments from 4oz thorugh 14oz although we normally only stock 3 or four different sizes.
Steve you are right. When I called you guys last year you only stocked up to 10 oz. The 14 is nice on a DE ridden in the slick technical stuff, not too heavy.
The 14 oz. weight I purchased from halls-cycles came in a gas gas parts bag.One piece,thread on.I relieved the inside of cover a little with a dremel grinding bit.Now its like riding a three-stroke!SWEET

I rode a full season on my 04 300 DE with the 14OZ from RTT. Thanks Jack. My impression is that it ends up making you lazy. If you are trail riding it is great, it keeps the power rolling in nice and easy. But their seemed to be too many times when you need a burst of power. But if you were on a lot of grease, or rock climbing it would be your best friend. It just seems like in some situations that instant power saves you some time, and wakes you up. With the FWW it allows you to chug the motor so low that you are really in cruise mode too much. The bike really hooks up alot better too. The "go fasters" 14oz spun right on with no mods to the cover.
Doesn't the MC lack the the porkchop weight on the right side of the crankshaft. If it doesn't have it, the porkchop has got to worth 6oz of flywheel effect. I think Steve at Motowest mentioned this along time ago.
Thank you guys for the answers!

I got enough mainly with the 4-speed gearbox (ok in dry conditions, but...) and I bought an EC250 '07. It doesn't feel that it has any flywheel weight but it never stalls and the snappy power is very controlable with good torque. The factory has done a great job to the whole package with the new slimmer frame and newfound engine character.

12 oz. weight

I put on the 12oz. weight on my 2004 EC300 and love it. Tried it for the first time today and tractored around the trails with much greater throttle control than I've had in the past. Didn't notice any lagging in the taller gears and the low end was a dream. That combined with my rekluse clutch and rear brake on the left handlebar made it seem like I was riding a motorized and nimble mountain bike. I'm hooked!:) :)