Strange issue with running lean


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I've been trying to solve an issue with my 97 JTX 270 and can't seem to pinpoint it. It runs borderline OK when I just start it and then gets very lean and it's not the carb - I've rebuilt it and it is clean, new float valve, etc. I also replaced the crank seal behind the stator and put in new reeds. It seems to me that there is either some other air leak I need to find or I have a problem with my gas flow from the tank. I'll take off the tank and check that but I don't think that is it as I get plenty of flow out the fuel hose and have replaced the filter I have in line.

Any ideas? Should I seal up the motor and look for leaks?

Thanks for suggestions. I've cleaned and rebuilt the carb completely but did not look at the carb boot closely - I'll check that tomorrow. If that doesn't locate an issue I'll try to pressure and vacuum test the motor.
Jim Snell would be more than happy to help you he is the former importer for gas gas you can contact him at