Texas National Enduro Photos

Double ouch

I noticed that too!! Hmmmm must be the camera lens Steve uses, or else its me sitting in my office chair 9+ hours a day on the phone! Irregardless, not good and thank GOD that spring finally came!

Not so much fritos as it is hot wings that Girard Lall makes on his grill and baconcheeseburgers anytime we entertain the Euro's that come over here.........It seems all they want is bacon cheeseburgers n beer, not a bad combination but it wears on me quite poorly! Ha!
Sadly, my windowless office has the same effect on me. :(

Mark, if your sacrifice of eating more bacon cheeseburgers keeps the Gas Gas parts and bikes coming into the US, I'll help pay for your Lipitor prescription. Way to take one for the team!:D