The best 2-stroke 250cc off-road bike?

I was post #24 in 2005. I didn't even own a GasGas then, but knew it was the machine for me after riding a few of them.

I will say that a well set up YZ250 is also a damn good woods bike. However, out of the box, the GasGas is the best by far.

There is another poll very similar to that one on It has a bunch more votes on it. That was and still is one my regular hangouts. Some good info and some damn funny threads.
Wow. The GG owners are coming out of the woods-work.

Gotta keep reading to see if anyone rides desert rocks.

AZRick, i'm a dealer in Elko Nevada and thats pretty much all we ride is desert. This winter there would be a few of us up for a ride near Wickenburg if you know the area. Nick

I might very well be buying from you, then.

'07 or newer EC300

Summer 2008.

If you want some company and promo, shoot me an e-mail.

What's the reason for your Arizona trip?

Az trip gets us out of below 0 temps and a chance to ride in just a jersey, even though you would have a parka on in feb down there. :) We went to the national enduro one year and couldnt help laughing when they had a heater going in the signup tent and it was near 50 deg out. Its all in what your acclimated to. We were riding in snow today.