The Nambotin Replica 2010 Thread


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I have one on order and am counting down the days. I'd like this thread to be used to share all pertinent information about the 2010 Nambotin.
Hopefully other owners can chime in after they get their bikes and we can swap jetting specs, suspension settings and other mods.
By all accounts our bikes have hit production as scheduled. Post up your shipping dates as soon as you know them.
I talked to Dave Fair today , and the Nambo's have SHIPPED ! They left this last weekend so........more than likely if all goes well and there's no rail strike or customs issues or dock workers on strike and and and and ..... about 3 weeks
the waiting is killing me...I am even dreaming that I am riding it. It was really weird...the bike wasn't making any noise because of the Qstealth and then I looped out. Just had to share. Steve knows I am good at looping out :D

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Looping out :D

Thats too funny , and i think your forgetting the mitigating circumstances involved prior to that ride.
And hell , who would have thought a knobby would have gotten THAT MUCH traction in that rock garden
But even better , is your a better man than most about picking it back up and riding on like a true GG rider

Hey Darnell , are we going to go pick the bikes up from Dave Fair at the same time ?
Can you say PHOTO OP

Namby update , THERE HERE !! :)
Dave Fair received his bike shipment today , and he got 10 of the Namby's , not 8 and 2 are still available . BTW , they look great , here's a picture of Dgstandard's bike still being put together and i only had my phone to take the pic


I'll be picking mine up in a couple of days , and then we get the good pics uploaded.
The bike's are even numbered and come with all the road kit and Ohlins manuals, I'm just too freakin happy right now , guess I'm breaking in a new motor this weekend !!

$ 10,500 Canadian , plus tax of course @ Gas Gas Pacific
I was talking to Ellis of STS suspension here on the Island today , and he is the Island Guru for suspension and very experienced with Ohlins and has done some work with TTX and has a TTX shock one of his bikes , and he is going to setup my suspension for me after break in, but he told me that this stuff is a 9 out of 10 right outa the box. Yes it might need valving or spring change , but he also figures he can dial it in to close to amazing with proper setup and a track day to do it for me , well when i say track its really trails , but there is a track there too. He sets it up and sends me off for a loop , and then adjusts and off i go again on the same loop till were done . And THEN if its still not working for me we look at the other options .

BTW Darnell , the TTX graphics are there in the bag with the Ohlins manual , they just need to be applied to the forks , or not if you like i suppose
Stop looking at that picture and get back to work , the sooner you finish the sooner we get out for a ride !!
It Looks Awesome. Its always such a thrill getting a new ride.
I'm Happy for you guys .

Be sure to give us a ride report.
Congrats Steve,

Lets us know how your personal set up goes...mines took awhile to dial in.

Great looking bike isn't in. :D