Tire Balls


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Has anybody tried TIRE BALLS from summers racing components?
Thinking about using with trials tire on my 05 de 300.
thank you.:rolleyes:
Boyfriend has them, loves them. He's a jerk, doesn't have to set his tire pressure before a race. Doesn't flat out (I got a DNF at Idaho ISDE qualifier day two because of a flat so I'm a little bitter). They are more difficult to install than a tube (naturally) but a stand will help.

I'm not 100% that you can use the tire balls with the trials tire though because they're a different size of tire... You might look around in Thumpertalk or KTMtalk if no one else here has experience with that combo.
My friend ended up buying them for his KTM and he had real problems with them. He ended up going flat two laps into the race. He was mad. He called up the guys and they stand behind there product. They replaced all the balls and the ruined tire. They told him to send the rim in and they would take care of the rest. Last I heard they worked great. The balls may just be touchy and only like the owners. I dont see why they wouldnt work for a trials tire.
Tire balls are sized for a tire's open space. There are different sized balls for a standard front and rear tire. If the trials tire has a different open space than a standard tire it could be a problem. Dunno, just what I'd be worried about. You might try asking TireBalls about it.

As for your friend's experience with TireBalls/Broc that sounds about right, they stand behind their product. Awesome guys and very busy. Any idea of why the balls went bad? Did he put too many/too few balls in? What tire ball pressures was he running? What kind of race and speeds was he doing? The only time I've heard of issues with high speeds, heavy bikes and pavement for extended periods of time.
I didnt end up going to that race so I couldn't tell you to many specifics. I know its a 525 so it is on the heaver side. I know it was some rocks and no pavement. He is a very agressive rider espcaly because he only weighs like 160. I think it was an instilation problem on his part. Just make sure you ask plenty of questions on installing them.

Make sure you listen to the good and the bad about them there are lots of people that surf the differnt sites and push there products or there friends products. Do your research and ask questions. The company will know if it will work. If they give you the OK they must stand behind the products. This compnay stood behind there product. That said a lot to me in this day and age. I would give them a try as long as it fits

Good luck