TwinAIR dust filter cover


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I bought the KTM model and it fit perfect. I realy like this product. I recommend it. Sand just fall down in the bottom of the airbox. Filters are way easy and fast to clean. Please share your experience if you use it or if you stopped to use it.




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That big orange pre-filter looks like a pumpkin.. Wait! It IS Halloween! Better find something other than a KTM cover, if you keep using it, your bike will not corner, be harsh, tall, uncomfotable, expensive, and just like everyone else. :D

Just kidding... I would try one if I could find one. Especially in some of the dusty areas we have here with the sugar sand.
Bailey28:That big orange pre-filter looks like a pumpkin

---Funny! +1

I install it dry. I oil my filter as usual under. Don't remember if I read the instructions:confused: Sometimes, I look the filter under the dust cover after a few rides or races and this is immaculate. Nice to have item.
I think it looks like a swim cap used by old women to protect their 'do's when doing aqua-robics at the Y.
I just use a "chuxs" a disposable kitchen cloth. theyre dirt cheap and a nice thin weave of "fabric" sorta stuff. just a quick spray with some wd40 and stuff it in the air box over the filter, great for dusty conditions...