UK - 2001 EC300 project for sale, plus parts/spares


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SOLD - 2001 EC300 project for sale, plus parts/spares


Good condition, but I took apart few years ago to replace crank seal, which I did, and planned to give a thorough clean and going over but it never happened. I don't ride off road any more so selling as is.

* V5
* New vertex piston, only few hours on it
* Had port work done by Ian E tuning in Leeds, well known old school two stroke tuner. Squish band done, etc.
* ec200 CDI for livelier pick up, with the above tuning nice and fast and responsive
* Carb jetted with popular N*** needle, forget which one but recommended on here. Carb would need a clean now but jets were new.
* DEP full system
* New Mitas C02 tyres
* Pair of nearly new mt43 tyres
* All bearings good
* Spare front wheel and tyre
* All part, plastics, subframe, tanks, etc included
* gasket set
* Extra sprockets in good condition
* Spare yellow plastics in good condition
* Original pipe and silencer
* Probably other bits I will throw in.
* I've owned the bike about 15 years, maybe road it 20 hours in that time.

Can deliver for £1/mile one way. Located near Hull. Any questions please ask





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