'02 EC300 INSANE job just to re-install tank??%&$#!


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I was hoping to get my bike dialed in for its first real ride tomorrow, but I struggled for almost an hour for a job that should've taken 5 minutes. Still didn't get the tank back on.

When the tank came off, I remember that the "nose" of it did not want to lift off and clear the steering-head adjuster-bolt plastic dust cap, right under and between the bar clamps. I think I got a screwdriver in there and pried against the plastic of the tank and plastic of the dust cap and was able to get the nose of the tank clear (while the back was still jammed inside the frame "U").

Putting it back is different.....all the wires that were compressed around the tank on that back side where the tank drops between the frame "U" shape un-compressed and are now making it VERY hard to jamb the tank back against the frame "U". I can get it to within maybe 1/4" clearance, but then there's STILL like over 1/2" at the nose overhanging the steering-head dust cap.

WTF???? I am thinking of cutting a big relief "U" at the front of the tank and leave just enough around the bolt hole for the bolt to hold. What a PIA.
Pic. would be nice. I have one with a damper on it and do have to pry on it a bit to get it past the post. My other gas gas with no damper on it the tank just Falls in. I'll have to look to refresh my memory but I think all of your wires should be hung under the frame rail.
You need to run the wires on the side of the perimeter frame near the petcock not in the rear by the shock mount. I have also needed to trim the front edge of the tank mounting flange on some bikes between 1/8" and 1/4".
Plastic can be affected by high ethanol gas and swell.

Try front down a bit, rock back and forward, should pop in.

I zip-tied the offending wires away from the vertical U-shaped "tunnel" that the tank drops down into as much as possible, and filed a U-relief at the front of the tank to help it drop down past the headset plastic shield. Got it in, but that clearance at the front hold-down bolt should've been thought thru a little more at the design stage. This is my first Euro bike after a lifetime of Hondas & Suzukis (except for that Cagiva back in '88), and while I love it, the Jap bikes still rule AFAIK regarding ease of maintenance.

Thanks for the input, I'm gettin' there...