2010 ec450 throttle position sensor settings?


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Please help. My bike has been at the shop for a month. They have been waiting to hear back from gasgas on he settings for the throttle position sensor. Does anybody here know what the correc settings would be or how I could find them? I'm desperate. Thanks.
The issue is there is a dead spot right as you open up the throttle. If you throttle up real fast the bike acts like it wants to die. However if you roll slowly on the throttle it runs fine. Could this be an injector issue? I'm lost. The shop thought it was the throttle position sensor but could not diagnose it without the computer or specs. Any help.
The little hex/allan key screw on the throttle body, see the PDF on page 2.
2010 maybe a little bit different but you should still find it:

I know a friend of mine who had FSR 515 and the little screw had come loose somehow, dropping the idle revs too low and hea had also trouble stalling etc.
Excellent. I'll give it a go and reply with back with results as soon as I get it done. Might be a day or two. Thanks for the help.
Ok, adjusting the idle seemed to help some. It still has a small bog if I open up the throttle quickly bet then revs up accordingly. At least it no longer dies when opening up the throttle quickly. Does anybody know if that big is normal delay for the throttle? I'm going to clean the injector next.