AC/DC conversion - FLOATING ground


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This is to document for my 2007 EC300 the process of floating the ground. (I will add more pictures and details as I get a chance for those who may want to tackle this. I will edit the original post and bump the thread when I do.)

My goals for this mod:
#1 - convert to all LED lighting system, (brake, tail, headlight, turn signals)
#2 - use as much of the original wire harness as possible
#3 power rail Tech Endurance II from bike

Tools needed:
OHM Meter - I have a Fluke multimeter
soldering iron : I have one similar to this
good wire strippers ($30) I have an ideal set like these
good wire crimpers (see the #3 connector kit that included the crimper below)
patience (lot's of it)

Parts needed:
#1 Connectors ($17.00):
#2 Connectors ($9.00):
#3 Connectors w/Crimping tool ($21.00):
Tusk Control Switch ($31.25) :
2 wire LED flasher relay ($10):
Trail Tech Reg/Rectifier ($53.21) (p/n 7004-RR150)
Trail Tech Battery pack ($60)
Trail Tech Endurance II (I already had this)

First I watched these four youtube videos by someone who I thing might be a member here (if so let me know who you are so I can give you proper credit for your videos - they really helped make this easier). He referenced this website as one of his sources:

He also mentioned this post on

I used the above along with my GG wire diagram for the 2007. I have access to BlueBeam, so I could print the diagram to pdf and then changed it to reflect what I did. I also have the parts diagram modified to help illustrate what I changed to make it work.

When I was done, I had the AC system running the chassis ground and powering the CDI, coil, kill switch ignition system.

I floated the ground as the video shows, removed the existing AC regulator, and installed the Trial Tech 7004-RR150 Reg/Rectifier, Trail Tech lithium Ion battery, 20 amp fuse to protect the system from the battery.

I started with a new wire loom (piece 13A p/n BE250634014) from Matto Cycle. You do have to trace out a few things, separate the Y/G wire from where it is spliced to the black wires. I used a TUSK light/signal/horn switch (wire colors match my diagram). On the two wire LED flasher, if the lights stay steady, reverse the two wire on the flasher, then they will flash. The hardest part was getting all the turn signals and flasher working because the control switch and light assemblies are after market. You can use any LED head lamp you choose, mine is from Cyclops for mine.



If you want the PDF of the drawing, PM me with your email and I will forward to you.

Mods, let me know and I can get you the PDF so you can put a better image up on the board if you wish then it will be easier for someone to scale to 11x17 so it will be easier to read when printed out.
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