another kickstarter question


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My kickstarter stripped some teeth (2010 EC300) and now it is stuck on the shaft. I tried several gear pullers, no luck they slip loose, can't grab the back of the kickstarter. My other choice is the Dremel. Not sure what to do, any suggestions?
Drill or cut the knuckle from the outside to break it free from the shaft. A dremel tool small cutoff wheel should get in there pretty well.
I dont remember what type of gear puller I used. But I had, and solved the same problem on my 2015. It was possibly the type where you press two plates together behind the bearing like the one in the photo

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Those gear pullers work well but there is not room to get it behind the kickstart lever because the case is in the way. Plus I would not want to put too much pressure on the aluminum case.
Z-man: thanks for the suggestion, the Dremel is the only way due to the space issue as you mentioned.
Anders: I'm still looking into bearing pullers but a small one is hard to find, thanks for the suggestion though.
The Dremel sounds easy but its not, the grooves on shaft are right underneath.
A touchy situation and the metal does not grind off easy. We tried to drill the knuckle, it laughed at our drill bits. This not an easy task.
Thanks Z-man,
I have cut through part of it like you said, almost big enough for a screw driver. I will continue to cut tomorrow, took today off to think about it.
Cutting through as you described is the plan.
I bought an Aliexpress YZ250 kickstarter after losing my genuine YZ starter. To my surprise it was fit for purpose.

Except it was anodised Blue.

A quick application of oven cleaning gel removed most and reapplication sorted it. Looks good bare several years on.

Genuine live in toolbox in case it goes awol. I made a stepped washer to press it on the shaft as it was loose with a flat washer. This might be where you were before it stripped and jammed.
Sorry it took so long. I just today got the broken kickstarter off the kickstart shaft. I do not recommend this but when nothing else worked we did the following: remove exhaust, remove carb, beat the knuckle with a pipe stuck through where the carb was. This took extensive beating with a hammer on the pipe. It finally came off. Now to order a new kick start lever.
Another kickstarter question

The splines on the kickstart shaft look good except for a small nick from the Dremel. The splines on the knuckle were shredded, I ordered a replacement, a Tusk brand lever
What a good result. However check that the lever engages without slop when done up.

As I think I said I made a thick washer with an undercut so it pushed the lever on a bit further than a flat washer did.