Another no spark question...


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Well, I'm getting no spark (99 EC300), narrowed it down to the kill switch wire being grounded. From what I know, the kill switch is only grounded when you want to stop the motor, basically the function of the kill switch. I have unplugged the kill switch and traced the ground back to the cdi.

So, I have the CDI making a constant ground for some reason on the kill switch wire. I can unplug all other wires except for the CDI ground and still have about 1 ohm to ground on the kill switch wire going into the CDI.

Has anyone ever experienced this? I'm guessing my CDI is just fried, but I was hoping someone might have a bright idea.

Thanks for any help!

Fixed It

It was the CDI, and in case anyone has this problem again:

Resistance between the kill switch wire and the ground wire coming out of the CDI should be around 100k ohms. If there isn't resistance: bad CDI