Any central Florida GG riders?


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I'm looking for a real enduro bike to replace my '07 YZ250 and am looking at both an '08 pumpkin and a newer GG, probably 250s, but maybe 300s. Are there any central Florida riders on here who can tell me about how there suspension, power etc. work?

FWIW I just rode the Alligator, plan to race Eagle's Nest, & ride at Croom some. Most of my riding is within 30 miles of Daytona, hence very similar conditions to the Alligator.

If there's anyone give me a shout out, lest I go orange...:eek: :eek:
Having grew up in the small town of Lake Alfred, Fl, I know your conditions well. The GasGas will serve you well in dry sand, wet sand, sandy whoops, palmetto roots, Oak tree trash, hard clay, mud of all kinds, and your not going to lose a drag race to many bikes if you get the 300.

I go to the Nevada desert to experience sand similar to that it central Florida. My bikes are set-up for western single track, but with a couple clicks on the suspension I can handle about anything nature throws my way.