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Some of the boys and myself will be making the pilgrmage to BC next weekend. We are considering Kelowna or possibly Kamloops. Any input from you locals up that way on where the snow line is and which would have more riding to keep five a/b riders content for three days?

Paul B
There's a lot of snow up here still, even in the Okanagan. Kamloops would be your best bet. Are you planning on going up for the 10/11 weekend or 17/18?

There's a double header race in Penticton and Peachland on the 17th and 18th weekend.

I can't even ride yet in the Spokane area! (too much snow in the hills)

Good luck cause if it works out I sure wish I was there.


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Speedy, I have a hit list of questions for you. If we were to go to the races in Peachland/Penticton could we camp in one spot and ride both races? Also how much for entry fees? Have you got a website with some info for me? I have read about lots of deadfall from the pine beattles at Inks and Greenstone so I am a little leary of the riding up in those parts?

Thanks for the info.

Paul B
Kamloops is def ridable. We have been out four times in the last two weeks at both Inks Lake and Greenstone Mtn. There is snow up high but all of the lower stuff is open.I'm going out again tommorow so I will provide an update.
The link is above for the PN calendar. Entry fee is $35-40 per race plus a $20 license (unless you have an NMA license). You could camp anywhere between Penticton and Peachland and hit both races. There's a fairly large field at the race site in Peachland you could camp at.

I haven't been to Kamloops this year so I have no idea on the conditions up there.

If you want to extend your trip I would happily show you around the Kootenays for a couple days. We can't ride up high but there's lots of great riding open already.
Speedy, Thanks for the offer but we have to be back Sunday night. A couple of the guys are not into the races so we will likely be goinh to Kelowna or Kamloops. I would still love to hear from someone in the Kelowna arae about how much snow is lingering around at Bear Creek. I talked to the KTM shop in Westbank and the guy at the counter said guys have been riding out at Bear Creek for months but he didn't really know how much of it was ridable.

Just got back from a killer ride at Inks, 62k of single track in 3 hours. It rained for about 4 hours before we hit the trails, slipery but no dust and snow not a problem.I would say that we are behind Bear Creek as far as melting goes.