beautiful oregon mountian ride

Well my son Andy's been telling me about this neat trail in the Bohemia gold country
that he wanted to ride, so today was the day to do it.the trail has been in use since the
late 1800's. There are a couple of old 3 sided shelters along the way. The whole trail
only 8 miles long,it was steep up hill, tight single track, mostly and gained almost 4,000'
in elevation, to peak at about 6,000'. The views were amazing, the leaves are starting to
turn, a few wild flowers still out, down lower huckle berrys, up higher elder berrys. We
saw several old mines, and many many gold mine claims along the creeks. Of all the trails
I've rode I would have to place this in the top ten, for sheer beauty, difficulty of the
trail, fun, and pucker factor where you definitely wouldn't want to make a mistake (it
was a long way's down in places)here are a few pictures from the day.
Sounds cool and looks fun. Thanks for sharing.
Only 8 miles though, is there other trail that connects to this one or is that it?

no other trail directly connects, but there are a couple other near by on gravel roads, not near as technical or fun. there is a fire look out tower a few miles up the gravel road that has amazing views, as high as any where you can drive in the Oregon cascades.
here are some pictures from champion creek, it the same area, the trail we went up is called the noonday trail, more of a jeep trail then a real dirt bike trail. also a very old trail from the old miners looking for gold.
There also are quite few nice hiking trails with short hikes in to little water falls near by.