Brake caliper help!


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Hi everyone, so I recently acquired an ec250sm, I was given a nissin caliper (which I assumed was correct and would be a straight swap) and a set of off road wheels. I want to put it on the off road wheels, however upon taking off the huge brembo caliper, I can now see that I need a carrier? to fit the smaller nissin caliper. Now assuming it's the right caliper, is there any way of checking part no? I will try and post a picture. Would all of the forks have a universal sized mount? As I don't know if they are marzocchi or wp. Any help appreciated!





Remove the "Gas Gas" bracket and the caliper should fit. The off road wheels should have a smaller diameter rotor to match the now relocated caliper. The big rotor and big caliper go together. Your small caliper has all it should need to fit the fork lower bracket.
Unfortunately when I did that, the mounting holes on the caliper don't line up with the fork mount!

You win! Although, there is a chance that caliper mount is for a different bike altogether. Are you for sure "sure" that is a GG caliper? Or that it came off of a GG at all? I notice that the fork lower/caliper mount is different as yours has threads whereas most others that I have seen (read: all) have no threads. Typically, the bolt passes through the caliper mount on the fork and threads into the caliper bracket. Why you have to have such an oddball mount is beyond me.

I would look at finding another caliper (Nissin) bracket and see if you can mount it up.

What is the spacing between bolts on the fork and on the caliper bracket? How many millimeters between the hols (center to center)?
Hah, I do not know for sure that the caliper is a gas gas one, only that it is a nissin one, I offered it up to the disc and it is the right one for a 260mm disc. I just guess that maybe it requires a bracket, or a different slider arrangement? I will measure the holes, from eye they look to be about 15mm out. My first thought was that I need a different caliper, which would hopefully bolt straight on? There are a couple on tinternet at the moment, a brembo off of a 1998, and a nissin off an ec300 2001. I just don't want to go spend the money if I have the right caliper but just need a bracket!
So i've measured the caliper mounting holes on the fork, they come in at 95mm centre to centre. And the slider holes on the caliper are 105mm eye to eye, any thoughts?