Clutch differences 2015 vs 2018 and onwards


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As you are aware of, I ride a 2015 EC200. I have been offered a Rekluse Radius CX kit for my bike, RMS-7917000. It is used only for a few hours, and comes at a third of the price of a new kit. I already have a Rekluse EXP 3.0, but it has done 400 hours and may need some service. Perhaps the simplest route is to just upgrade to the Radius CX.

So far, so good.

However, I am also thinking of upgrading the complete bike to a newer one, most likely a Rieju MR200, in the not too distant future. And the Rekluse catalog shows that the Radius CX kit for Gasgas 2018-> and Rieju MR bikes is named RMS-7917001. If I could move the "old" kit into my new bike (if / when iit happens) it would be a no-brainer to buy the kit I have been offered.

Hence the question: Does any of you know the difference between the clutch of a 2015 EC (mine) and the newer ones? Would the RMS-7917000 fit the newer ones without too much hassle? I have of course tried to ask Rekluse, but got no response.
No, went right together. I do remember forgetting to swap the slave cylinders before I sold it and having to order another slave from Rekluse.:eek:
It was the EXP version and I abused it terribly down in Costa Rica. Mountains are STEEP down there. Never had an issue with it.
Thanks for the help.
I also cheked the Rekluse installation documents for the pre and post '18 bikes. Those are equal, as far as I can tell. My conclusion is that the pre 18 Rekluse should also fit the '18 and later engines. Hence I accepted the offer, and am soon the owner of a Radius CX. It will stay in its box on the shelf until I need spare parts for my '15 EC200 or pull the trigger on a Rieju.

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