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Just got back from Spring Creek MX track, Millville, Mn. KTM had most of their bikes available to try out. Before everybody gets ready to lynch me for riding Orange I would like to encourage GasGas to do something similiar. I know earlier there was a demo ride in Arizona at a Qualifier which was well received by everyone. It was a chance to check out bikes you might not get to ride otherwise. I was most interested in the 200 xc-w, which I didn't care for after actually riding it. The front suspension was good, but the motor needed more flywheel weight for for me. I did ride the 250 xc-wf which was probably the best of the bunch for me. The 400 was good, but not nearly as impressive as the Husaberg 570. The handling was different, but better in every way and the motor was just as impressive. On all the KTM's the front suspension seemed to be strong while the rear suspension wasn't as good. OK, now that I've sounded like a KTM commercial, GasGas needs to get their products in the consumers hands. Case in point, I came very close to buying an xc 200 last March but would not have even considered ANY 250 four stroke. Now after the demo day my opinions have changed. Because I previously owned an '02 xc 300 Gasser, I'm familiar with the brand. I really feel GasGas could likewise change a lot of other people's minds. In between rides I exchanged opinions w/ other riders, most had the same observations. No one seemed "put off" by riders of brand X bikes, I'm sure all these riders would love to compare pumpkins with gassers. Just my two cents worth
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The 2010 Gas Gas' will be available for demo rides at the August 29th/30th OMA race in IN.

Gas Gas will be incorporating a system where district reps will have bikes available for demos at local events.
Good news, I can't say enough good about the positive impact these demo rides will have. If you're anywhere near the Indiana OMA race, try out the new bikes, and bring your Hon/Yam/Suz/Kaw/KTM riding buddies with you.